My name is Robert W0VMC "Voice Modulated Carrier" and I live in North Western Wisconsin near Minneapolis. As you can see I have a very intense interest in the generation of RF and the mechanical enclosures that the many parts reside in. To answer the question on how all the electronic mayhem in my life got started, I have to go all the way back to the age of 7 when my dad's Montgomery Ward Airline Transistor radio would find its way into my bed and late at night, I would listen to the MW BC stations from all over the USA . I just could not figure out how these far distant stations could be so loud and find their way under the covers in my bed.

I was first licensed back in 1993 (N0VMC) and my ham carrier has been nothing short of a pure blessing by meeting and sharing plenty of QSO's over the years and learning from the vast amount of knowledge from from some very smart Hams who have given me the opportunity to repair, restore and build many different types of radio equipment and accessories which is still a real joy.

  • This is my personal custom built SP-600 J that I designed for a symetrical look with special chrome strips and SX42/43 backlit meter bezels.

  • Pictured is a Gates Vanguard I AM broadcast transmitter that I converted to the ham bands for Mike W8BAC.

  • This is my homebrew MasterMatch Double L Balanced Tuner!

  • AM East Coast Style

    Pictured here is Steve WA1QIX, Me W0VMC and Carl WA1PQT..

  • MidWest AM

    Here is Crazy Gerry KC8ZUL, Me W0VMC and Mr Heil K9EID..