W0VMC   "Voice Modulated Carrier"       
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New Richmond
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Dr. Ty (KC4NWF) and me just delivered a baby!

This transmitter was a Custom designed unit that started out as a project for myself and my good friend Jeff (W0XV) had a hole to fill and this is what we dropped in. This transmitter has pair of 4-1000's modulating another pair of 4-1000's in the Rf deck. The b-plus on modulators run at a cool 3000 volts and the RF deck see about 1400 volts to keep this beast tamed down. I used the beautiful art deco cabinet from a 20v2  to give this transmitter the looks to go along with the large bottles it deserves and I also made special chrome strips to identify the Quad 4X1 option. Modular construction was used on the polished  RF and AF decks for ease of removal. The heavy duty tank box along with the input network  incorporates electronic switching with Kilovac vacuum relays.

My good freind Carl (WA1PQT) with his Multi-band Custom 20V2. Can't wait to get back out to the east coast and see him and the AM gang.

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